what to expect


what to expect

Forget any preconceptions you may have about portrait photography!

We take the word “informal” as the starting point and turn your photo shoot into a laugh, a giggle, a “mucking about as if you were in your own living room” experience!

Our unique relaxed approach to photography is only possible because of the inherent creativity and technical expertise of our photographer and post camera digital artists. Because what we do comes naturally, it allows us to focus on capturing that unique moment – a look, an expression or a rolling on the floor belly laugh caught in a split second.

We encourage informal clothing and recommend your little ones bring favourite toys with them.

Before you come for your shoot think about your rooms, walls were your pictures will be going as it will have a bearing on what to wear and how that may affect any colour pictures you choose.

You come back to the studio about a week or so after your shoot to view the pictures and pick the ones you want for your home. Picture prices start at ¬£76 for a 12″x12″ canvas.¬†There are no hidden astronomical costs for the pictures, no finance arrangements (you don’t need it) and absolutely no hard sell!

We love what we do and look forward to doing it for you. Call us on 01995 679366 for a chat.

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